Frontier Tribute Trail Brick Sale

Order Dates: August 15th - September 30th

Bricks make wonderful gifts to commemorate your time at Fort Leavenworth!  Congratulate a graduate of the Command and General Staff Officer Course or the School of Advanced Military Studies with the gift of a personalized brick.

Add on pricing of graphic or replica remains $10 each.

*We place brick orders twice a year, once in the fall and once in the spring. Our next order will be August 15 through September 30.

If you have any questions please email the FFAM at:

If you are unable to order online and want to pay by check,                                   to download the order form.

We are offering personalized bricks for sale that will be installed in our new patio and walkway in front of the museum.  These are high quality, clay bricks with your choice of engraving that will last for generations. This is a great opportunity to honor someone or commemorate your time here at Fort Leavenworth. Be a part of the rich history of Fort Leavenworth. Bricks start at $75.  Since these bricks are custom made, please allow 3 months for delivery*. Click on the button below to read more details and to order online.‚Äč

The Friends Frontier Tribute Trail!